Energy in the Netherlands

In 2004 the Dutch energy market opened to private competition in order to stimulate competition in the market. There are many different suppliers in The Netherlands for electricity and gas. Utility Providers roll is to help you make a choice between the different suppliers depending on your own situation.

The biggest differences between the different suppliers are:

  • The degree of environmentally friendliness to which they generate energy (green or grey energy)
  • Tariffs for electricity and gas
  • Contract length and conditions
  • Possible extra one-off switching benefits

Utility Provider is 100% independent and can explain the differences to you so that you can make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to sign up with an energy supplier?

At the moment that you receive the key for your new home, it is mandatory to register with an energy supplier. If you do not register immediately then you risk your connection being shutoff by the grid manager.

How is the energy price calculated?

The price you pay for gas and electricity depends on several factors.

  • Vastrecht – this is a fixed amount that you pay per month for the supply of energy.
  • Leveringskosten – these are the costs you pay per kWh (for electricity) and per m3 (for gas).
  • Overheidsheffing – these are costs that are charged by the government.
  • Opslag Duurzame Energie (ODE) – this storage has been introduced to stimulate the investment in renewable energy.
  • Vermindering energiebelasting – this is a reduction on the energy bill for locations with a residence function. In 2018 this is € 373.33.

What is a cancellation penalty (opzegboete) and when do I have to pay it?

If you sign a multi-year contract with an energy supplier and you decide to switch to a new supplier earlier, your old supplier can charge you for this. These costs are set by the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM):

These costs are calculated per product, so if you have both gas and electricity, then that applies as two products.

Time remainging on your contract – penalty

Shorter than 1,5 jaar – € 50

1,5 to 2 jaar – € 75

2 to 2,5 jaar – € 100

Longer than 2,5 jaar – € 125

Can I accelerate my delivery of energy (spoed aanmelding)?

Yes, this is possible in most cases. You will then cancel your statutory cooling-off period because the contract starts immediately. It is still possible to cancel your contract within the standard 14 days and you will only have to pay pay for the energy that has been taken between your starting date and cancellation date.

Ask one of our agents about the possibilities.