Internet, TV, and Calling in The Netherlands

In The Netherlands you connect internet, TV and telephone (via a fixed telephone or cable line) as a package with one provider. It is up to you whether you want all-in-one, just internet orTV.

There are three different types of internet connections: cable, DSL and fiber.

It differs for each location which options are available to you. This depends on the region where you live, when the house is built and what has been created by the suppliers. Utility Provider can map what is possible at your address and provide appropriate advice based on your wishes.

Cable, depending on your region, is managed by Ziggo (former UPC) or Caiway. If you opt for cable, you have to deal directly with one of these two suppliers.

DSL and fiber are managed by KPN, but the lines are open to other suppliers. If you opt for DSL or fiber optic, then there are more options and you can often benefit from and choose from different offers.

Some suppliers also have special deals if you also have a mobile subscription with the same supplier. Ask one of our agents about the conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to sign up to an internet supplier?

No, in the Netherlands there is no obligation to sign up for internet. The same applies to television and a telephone connection.

How does it work with internet / TV / Calling deals when I sign up to my contract via Utility Provider?

With Utility Provider you can benefit from the same deals as directly with the supplier. In addition, Utility Provider regularly has exclusive deals that you can benefit from.

Our agents can of course explain to you about the best deals of the moment.

How long does it take to connect my internet?

The average waiting time for cable is 2 to 10 working days. For DSL / fibe-optic this is 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes it is possible to speed up the process. Ask our agent about the conditions.